Antenatal Care

With a Diploma in Obstetrics and Women’s Health, Dr. Cooper takes pride in providing expert Antenatal care.

Antenatal care is covered by the HSE’s Maternity and Infant Scheme. Pregnant women are entitled to six routine antenatal visits as well as a two week and six week baby check, free of charge.

At routine Antenatal visits, your weight, blood pressure and urine will be examined. Dr. Cooper will review your progress at each appointment. She will carefully examine your abdomen and check baby’s position within your tummy. Your baby’s heart beat will be assessed and blood tests will be taken routinely. Dr. Cooper provides breast feeding advice, including advice on how to take care of your new born baby. You will be advised on all aspects of pregnancy and labour during Antenatal visits.

At your baby’s two week post-natal check-up, the receptionist will create a file for your new baby. If you are a medical card patient, it is important that you apply for your baby’s medical card straight away, as it can take some time for your medical card to arrive. At your baby’s two week check-up, the nurse will document your baby’s weight, height and head circumference and she will chart these measurements on a centile chart. Your baby will receive a detailed top-to-toe examination by Dr. Cooper, who has a Diploma in Child Health and years of hands-on Paediatric experience, having worked in neonatal units and children’s hospitals throughout Ireland and the UK.

Your baby’s next visit will be for their six week post-natal check-up. The nurse will document your baby’s weight, height and head circumference and Dr. Cooper will examine your baby in detail. Mum will also be examined by Dr. Cooper and contraception will be discussed. You will be invited to schedule an appointment for your baby’s first set of vaccinations, which should be given when your baby is eight weeks old.

It is advisable to receive the Influenza vaccine as well as the Whooping Cough vaccine during your pregnancy. These vaccines are available at the surgery. Please contact reception for further information.

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