Cardiac Screening

Cardiac Screening is aimed at identifying people who may be at risk of Sudden Cardiac Death. During this top-to-toe cardiac assessment, we assess your Cardiovascular Risk Score and discuss lifestyle measures or medications, which may help to reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. With a specific interest in Preventative Medicine and Cardiology, Dr. Cooper recommends Cardiac Screening for all individuals, at any age, regardless of their activity level.

This service involves taking a detailed personal and family history, including details of your alcohol consumption and smoking status. A full physical examination, including a detailed cardiac examination, will be performed. A Body Mass Index Measurment and Body Composition Analysis will be recorded. Urine will be examined for evidence of Kidney Disease and Diabetes.

An Electrocardiogram (ECG) will be performed and blood will be taken, in order to screen for a variety of medical conditions and to assess your lipid profile level, which, along with your age, blood pressure and smoking status, enables Dr. Cooper to assess your Cardiovascular Risk Score.

A follow-up appointment will be made for you with Dr. Cooper who will provide important lifestyle advice. She may recommend for you to have additional investigations, or treatment, depending on your results.

For further information, please contact a member of our reception team.

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