Fertility Assessments

If you have been trying to achieve pregnancy and are having difficulty, or if you are hoping to post-pone achieving pregnancy for a few years but are concerned that this might not be wise, why not book and appointment with Dr. Cooper, who along with Nurse Michelle, have a special interest in this field.

During your consultation, a full and detailed history will be taken from you, including details of your family history as well as your partner’s medical and family history. A history of your alcohol consumption and smoking status will be taken, as well as dietary information. A full physical examination will be performed by Dr. Cooper and blood will be taken in order to analyse your Hormone Levels as well as your Ovarian Reserve Levels.

A follow-up appointment will be made for you to discuss your results with Dr. Cooper, who will offer dietary and life-style advice. You may, or may not, be advised to have further investigations or treatments depending on your results.

For further information, please contact a member of our reception team.

fertility assessment service