Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery is available at Cooper MediCare. Having almost twenty years of experience in Minor Surgery, Dr. Cooper’s Minor Surgical Clinic offers a comprehensive range of skin surgery procedures. These services are as follows:

  • Suturing of Wounds
  • Incision and Drainage of Abscesses
  • Biopsy of Suspicious Lesions
  • Removal of Moles, Lesions and Sebaceous Cysts
  • Removal of Ingrown Toe Nails
  • Cryosurgery for the Removal of Warts, Verrucas and other Skin Lesions

All skin lesions and skin biopsies that are surgically removed are sent to the pathology laboratory in Kerry General Hospital where they are examined by a Consultant Pathologist. Dr. Cooper receives a detailed report from the Pathologist and once this report has been received, you will be invited to discuss the results with Dr. Cooper.

Cooper MediCare use only Certified, Single-Use Surgical Equipment for all procedures.

Some minor surgical procedures may be covered by private health insurance (VHI, LAYA, Glo Health, AVIVA). Please check your eligibility for these procedures with your health insurance provider.

Patients outside of Cooper MediCare are welcome to avail of these services.

For further information, please contact a member of our reception team.

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