Travel Health & Vaccination

If you are planning to travel abroad, please book a consultation with Dr. Cooper or Dr. Smit, who has specific qualifications in Infectious Disease and Foreign Travel. Your appointment should be scheduled well in advance of your trip (least 1 month). The need for medication, in order to protect you from contracting infectious diseases such as malaria, will be discussed with you. Detailed medical advice regarding your up and coming travel destination will be provided. In order to get the most out of your consultation, it is important that you bring your travel itinerary with you.

It is preferable that your recommended vaccination schedule is completed at least two weeks prior to your departure, at a minimum, in order to ensure that you are adequately immunised and fully protected ahead of your holiday.

If you are planning a long stay, in a remote part of the world, an appointment 6 months in advance of your trip would be advisable. Hepatitis B and Rabies vaccination may be required in such instances. Protection against infectious diseases such as these require a number of vaccines before full immunity is achieved.

Travel vaccinations are not covered by the GMS scheme so even if you have a medical card you will need to pay for your vaccinations and for your consultation with the doctor.

We recommend that you refer to the the Tropical Medical Bureau’s website at or for more detailed information on vaccinations and travel health.

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