Well Man Clinic

The purpose of the Well Man Clinic is to screen men for Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Disease) and to assess their Cardiovascular Risk Score. As part of this assessment, men are screened for Heart Arrhythmias and their risk of Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke) is assessed. In addition, men are screened for Prostate Cancer, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Lung Disease, Arthritis, Bowel Conditions (including Bowel Cancer), Gout, Haemochromatosis, Allergies and Osteoporosis.

The Well Man Clinic involves a detailed medical history assessment, including an assessment of alcohol consumption and smoking status. A thorough assessment of your family history is performed, including a sexual and mental health assessment. The aim of compiling a detailed family history is to screen patients for their individual risk of developing any illnesses going forward, to discuss current evidence-based preventative lifestyle and investigative measures to prevent and/or detect illness, as well as to discuss management plans for the future in order to ensure a tailor made patient risk reduction specific to their family history.

A comprehensive examination of the heart, lungs, abdomen, nervous system (including a full memory assessment), skin, joints, prostate (digital rectal prostate examination) and testicles is performed. Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index are also assessed and an examination of your lung function will be performed. If needed, a 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor may be recommended during your assessment.

Urine is examined for evidence of infection, Diabetes or Kidney Disease.

Blood is taken in order to screen for Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Thyroid Disease, Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Coeliac Disease, Gout, Haemochromatosis and various inflammatory conditions. Blood is also analysed to assess men’s fasting lipid profile (cholesterol), fasting glucose (to screen for Diabetes), bone profile (calcium and vitamin D) and an allergy test is performed.

An Electrocardiograph (ECG) is performed in order to further examine the heart and, if needed, a 24 Hour ECG may be recommended.

A follow-up appointment with the doctor will be arranged ten days later. All results will be explained to you and a personalised lifestyle plan will be discussed with you. Depending on your results, medication or further investigations may be recommended.

Health Screening is eligible for Tax Relief. You can log on to www.revenue.ie for a MED 1 form, for information on how to claim. Some insurance companies (VHI, LAYA, Glo Health, AVIVA) reimburse their members for Health Screening. Please check your eligibility for this with your health insurance provider.

For further information regarding the Well Man Clinic, please contact a member of our reception team.

well man clinic